Front view of 55 N Cherry Ave Condos in Tucson, Arizona

55 N Cherry Ave – Half Mile to UA Campus

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We help a lot of parents purchase homes for their students studying at University of Arizona. Consistently we hear from our clients that they want something within 1-2 miles of campus. Often times they like the idea of a condo for the ease of maintenance, nice amenities, and affordability. the condos at 55 N Cherry Ave meets all of these needs.

There are 3 condo communities that are popular with students and within walking distance to University of Arizona. I’ve written about Campus Walk and Sam Hughes Place previously. Now let’s look at 55 N Cherry Ave.

55 N Cherry Ave Condos for Sale

Interested in buying or selling a home in Tucson? Contact Nick to go over your needs. 520-975-8956 or

About 55 N Cherry Ave Condos

55 N Cherry Ave., also known as 10th Street Condos, was built in 1964 as apartments. The property underwent extensive renovations in 2008 when it was turned into a condo community.

Units range in size from 500 to 1000 square feet. One bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom units are available. Some units are single level and others have a second floor. Each unit has laundry space within the condo which is a nice perk.

55 N Cherry Ave interior courtyard and pool (Photo credit: Ron Quarles)
Interior courtyard and pool at 55 N Cherry Ave Condos. (Photo credit: Ron Quarles)

Interested in buying or selling a home in Tucson? Contact Nick to go over your needs. 520-975-8956 or

Great Location

The condos are located about ½ mile from the southern edge of University of Arizona campus in the southern part of Rincon Heights neighborhood.

They’re convenient to the Sunshine Mile shopping district located on Broadway Blvd. and Safeway is just a few blocks away at Broadway and Campbell. Rincon Heights is rated as one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Tucson.

Community Amenities

All units within 55 N Cherry Ave face inward toward the secure, gated, well landscaped interior courtyard. Within the interior courtyard you’ll find a nice sized pool, lounge chairs, ramada, BBQ grill, and bike corral.

Ramada near the pool at 55 N Cherry Ave
Ramada and BBQ grill area near the pool. (Photo credit: Ron Quarles)

Items to Think About When Purchasing a Condo

How will you be purchasing your condo? If you’re purchasing this as an investment or a second home, financing for a condo can be difficult, if not impossible to obtain, due to lender restrictions. If you require financing, a townhome or single family residence may be a better option for you. Contact Nick for more details.

Pool in the interior courtyard of 10th Street Condos
Relaxing pool within the interior courtyard. (Photo credit: Ron Quarles)

Great Investment Opportunity

Whether this is your first investment property, or you’re a seasoned real estate investor, purchasing a condo for your University of Arizona student can be a smart move.

Oftentimes parents purchase a condo for their student with the intention for the younger siblings to move there once they reach college age. Other times the student will have rent-paying friends as roommates.

Some parents keep the investment property after their son or daughter graduates and others prefer to sell at that time.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home near UA campus, give us a call. We’re happy to help. 520-975-8956 or

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