Mid-Century Homes in Tucson

mid century homes in Tucson
Mid Century homes in Tucson often feature Burnt Adobe construction this one is located on Tucson’s northeast side.

Looking for a mid century home? Tucson is a great place to find it!

Tucson experienced a building boom in the post-war era which resulted in lots of great mid century homes to choose from. We appreciate this era of homes built with ‘real’ materials like brick and burnt adobe. In fact, we live in a 1954 burnt adobe home that we love. As a result, we tend to work with a lot of clients looking to buy and sell mid century homes here. Take a look at some of the blogs we’ve written to guide you in your search for a mid century home in Tucson.

Mid century kitchen in Tucson

Tucson Mid-Century Homes blogs:

Mid Century Modern home in Tucson for sale in Tucson

Mid Century Tucson Neighorhood articles:

8720 E Lancaster Rd Tucson AZ 85715. Midcentury modern burnt adobe home for sale in Tucson in Windsor Park.
An appealing entryway to a midcentury modern home in Windsor Park neighborhood, built by J. Herbert Oxman.

“Nick helped me find the right home of the era I was looking for, and made sure the entire transaction went smoothly. Had the patience to put up with my situation of being read to wait for the right home or jump for one in a day if it appeared on the market.

Be sure to read the pages he has published on the web regarding the historic homes of Tucson and the unique opportunities available throughout town. They are a wealth of information and will likely help you in dialing in great areas to search within.”

– Taylor
mid century homes in Tucson
Mid-century modern home in Tucson

Mid Century Tucson Builders and Designers:

“My experience of working with Nick topped my expectations! I was looking to purchase a house in Tucson while living in the East Coast, and I was looking for a property with some architectural interest. Nick’s knowledge of architecture and his interest in it provided expertise I was looking for.

I am a pretty demanding person, and so I was very happy to find how responsive Nick was, he truly made me feel like I was his only client! He spent a lot of time showing me properties until I fund the one I liked, and he was extremely helpful during the negotiations and the buying process – something I particularly appreciated since I did not buy a house in 20+ years!

He was a perfect guide through the whole process, professional, knowledgeable, kind and friendly. I recommend him wholeheartedly!”

– Anna

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