Mid-Century Homes in Tucson

mid century homes in Tucson
Mid Century homes in Tucson often feature Burnt Adobe construction this one is located on Tucson’s northeast side.

Looking for a mid century home? Tucson is a great place to find it!

Tucson experienced a building boom in the Post-war era which resulted in lots of great mid century homes to choose from. I appreciate this era of homes built with ‘real’ materials like brick and burnt adobe. In fact, I live in a 1954 burnt adobe home that I love. As a result, I tend to sell a lot of mid century homes here. Take a look at some of the blogs I’ve written about buying and selling mid century homes in Tucson.

mid century homes in Tucson
A mid century modern home in midtown Tucson designed by Ralph Haver

Tucson Mid-Century Homes blogs:

Mid Century Tucson Neighorhood articles:

mid century homes in Tucson
Mid-century modern home in Tucson

Mid Century Tucson Builders and Designers:

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