West University neighborhood in the second most walkable area according to walk score

Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Tucson

Last Updated on June 14, 2021 by Kim Labriola

Get Walking, Tucson!

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning, walking to your favorite neighborhood diner for breakfast with friends, then stopping by the market for a few items, on the way home stopping by the neighborhood library to pick up the latest best-seller. And doing all that without a car. It’s possible with a little research before you buy a home.

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Take advantage of Tucson’s sunny skies

Tucson has sunny weather 284 days of year which is great for walking. In the hot summer months walking is still comfortable in the early morning or after the sun sets.  Walking is a great way to improve health and and decrease our carbon footprint.

Most walkable neighborhoods Tucson

Walkable home searching tips

A few things to think about when searching for a walkable home… What places are an easy walk from the home? Restaurants, grocery store, shopping, doctors, entertainment, library, parks, etc? Which of these places is most important to you? Will you have to cross any busy streets to get to these places? Are there sidewalks? Are the sidewalks in good condition? If you’ll be walking at night, does the area have street lights? Are there bike paths?

Looking for newer homes in the center of town? Read my article about infill neighborhoods.

Walk like a Tucsonan (err, Egyptian)

– Misquoted lyric by The Bangles, circa 1986

How does Tucson rank on the walk score?

Tucson is not as dense as many cities, but there are still quite a few areas in town that are very walkable. While walkscore.com gives the overall city of Tucson a score of 42 out of 100, the top 11 Tucson neighborhoods ranks in the 70s and 80s, which is considered very walkable. Most of Tucson is pretty flat, which makes walking and biking easier than hilly cities. Walkscore.com ranks Tucson as the 28th most walkable large city.

Walking in LA, nobody walks in LA (err, Tucson?)

– Missing Persons misquoted song lyric, circa 1982

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Here’s a list to the 50 most walkable neighborhoods in Tucson and links (below) to homes currently for sale in each neighborhood. These neighborhoods rank from 86 to 58 on the walk score and 100 – 61 on the bike score.

Search for homes in Tucson’s 50 most walkable neighborhoods (see map above):

  1. Iron Horse Historic District
  2. West University Historic DistrictBlog link
  3. Pie Allen Historic District
  4. Armory Park Historic DistrictBlog link
  5. Avondale
  6. Duffy
  7. Rincon Heights Historic DistrictBlog link
  8. Highland Vista
  9. Sam Hughes Historic DistrictBlog link
  10. Swan Way Park
  11. Barrio Hollywood
  12. Dunbar Springs Historic District
  13. El Presidio Historic District
  14. Palo Verde
  15. Wakefield
  16. Ocotillo Oracle
  17. Miramonte
  18. Alvernon Heights
  19. Barrio Santa Rosa Historic District
  20. Mitman
  21. Campbell-Grant
  22. Santa Rita Park
  23. Garden District
  24. Feldman’s Historic District
  25. Shaheen Estates
  26. Barrio Viejo Historic District
  27. Balboa Heights
  28. San Gabriel
  29. Miles
  30. Harlan Heights
  31. Samos
  32. Richland Heights West
  33. Blenman Elm Historic DistrictBlog link
  34. Limberlost
  35. Thunderbird HeightsWilmot Desert Estates
  36. Vista Del Sahuaro
  37. Hedrick Acres
  38. Sewell
  39. Peter Howell
  40. Keeling
  41. Dodge Flower
  42. Vista Del Monte
  43. Grant-Glenn
  44. Broadmoor – Broadway VillageBlog link
  45. Fairgrounds
  46. Mountain-First
  47. North University
  48. Rose
  49. Mountain View
  50. Broadway-Northeast

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