Amory Park Del Sol neighborhood, features bungalow style homes that blend with the historic neighborhood surroundings.

Newer homes in Central Tucson? Infill neighborhoods are the way to go!

Last Updated on May 14, 2020 by Kim Labriola

  • Do you want to live closer to work or school?
  • Are you tired of living in the suburbs where you have to drive an hour or more to get to where you need to be each day?
  • Do you want to live in a more walkable community?
  • Do you want a newer, more efficient home that won’t require as much maintenance or updating? Not to mention more modern amenities like a garage or a decent sized bathroom?

Then you may want to consider looking for a home in an infill neighborhood. Tucson has many of these small subdivisions right in the middle of town and close to shopping, restaurants, and businesses.

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Benefits of infill homes

Building new homes on vacant land within a well established area is referred to as an infill project. There are many benefits to infill projects. One of the benefits to infill is less urban sprawl. Well designed infill adds to the neighborhood community. Another benefit is continuity of the neighborhood.

I believe the soul of neighborhoods is dependent on the history of the area including the history of the people and existing buildings. Preservation of the old should be of utmost importance, because once a building is torn down, it cannot be undone. But building thoughtfully designed projects on vacant lots in an existing neighborhood is important to a community too.

There are many infill neighborhoods to choose from in Tucson including:

Barrio Centro on Fort Lowell in Tucson

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