Guide to buying a home near University of Arizona campus in Tucson

Thinking about buying or selling a home near the University of Arizona?

This guide is to help assist you in finding a great UA area home that fits your needs. I have included many links to searches with different criteria that I hope will cater to what you’re interested in. Please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me ( or 520-975-8956 ) with any questions on any home in the Tucson area. I’m here to help you. I’ll also create a custom search with the criteria that matters most to you, emailed to you when homes matching your requirements come on the market.

I help many families each year sell and buy homes near the University of Arizona. Sometimes I’m working with families of new undergrad students, sometimes for grad students, sometimes for university staff looking for a home close to their employer, and often times for folks looking to live closer to the amenities that the university/downtown Tucson area offers. As a UA alumnus, I have first-hand knowledge of the campus and areas around the university.

Search available homes for sale near the University of Arizona

Radius Search:

Within 1 mile  of UA
Within 2 miles of UA
Within 3 miles of UA
Within 4 miles of UA
Within 5 miles of UA

Search by transit option:

Within 1 mile of 3rd Street and Mountain Avenue Bike Routes
Within 1/2 mile of UA Cat Tran Route
Within 1 mile of Tucson Modern Streetcar Route

Search by Price:

Under $200,000
$200,000 – $400,000
$400,000 – $600,000
$800,000 and up

Thinking about buying or selling a home near the University of Arizona? Contact Nick today to craft a plan tailored to your needs: or 520-975-8956

Search by specific neighborhoods (listed alphabetically, see map above):

(1) Armory Park  –  Read more about Armory Park
(2) Barrio Santa Rosa
(3) Barrio Viejo / Barrio Libre
(4) Blenman-Elm  – Read more about Blenman Elm neighborhood
(5) Broadway Village/Broadmoor  – More about Broadway Village/Broadmoor
(6) Campbell – Grant
(7) Catalina Vista  – Read more about Catalina Vista
(8) Colonia Solana
(9) Dunbar – Spring
(10) El Encanto Estates  –   Read more about El Encanto Estates
(11) Feldman’s
(12) Grant-Glenn
(13) Iron Horse
(14) Jefferson Park
(15) Menlo Park
(16) Miles
(17) Mountain First
(18) Pie Allen
(19) Rincon Heights
(20) Sam Hughes  –  Read more about Sam Hughes neighborhood
(21) Samos
(22) West University  – Read more about West University Neighborhood

homes near the University of Arizona
University of Arizona campus

Shopping districts near University of Arizona:

Campbell Avenue: Between Grant Road and Fort Lowell Road:

  • Albertson’s grocery
  • lots of restaurants
  • banks/services
  • lots of shops

Sunshine Mile: on Broadway east of Campbell Avenue

  • Safeway at Broadway and Campbell
  • banks/ services
  • restaurants

Main Gate: just west of the school on University Blvd

  • CVS pharmacy
  • restaurants
  • shops

4th Avenue: between University Blvd and 9th Street

  • Food Conspiracy Co-op
  • lots of restaurants
  • lots of shops

Downtown Tucson

  • Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market
  • lots of restaurants
  • shops/banks

6th Street and Tucson Boulevard

  • Rincon Market
  • Restaurants
homes near the University of Arizona
Streetcar passing Time Market in West University neighborhood in Tucson

How to get around Tucson and University of Arizona area – helpful links:

Tucson public transportation:

Other frequently asked questions:

homes near the University of Arizona
Recently restored Old Main building on campus of University of Arizona

Are you interested in selling or buying home near University of Arizona? Contact Nick at or 520-975-8956

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